Gas Sounder SQF

Date: 18 Aug 2009
I.Application Areas:
  SQF Gas sounder is used with secondary instrument of echometer to measure depth of liquid level in wells.

  1. Two  testing modes (implosion and explosion) make testing process simple:;
  2. It is highly explosion-proof and safe in operation.

III.Technical Specifications:
  1.Working pressure: 10MPa
  2.Safe pressure: 30MPa
  3.Explosion pressure: 1MPa
  4.Implosion pressure: 0.8MPa
  5.Dimensions and weight:270×170×150mm    3kg
Contact information:
Hubei Jianghan Petroleum Instrument & Meter Co., Ltd
Nanhu Road, Donghu Hi-Tec Development Zone,[430205]
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