Pumping Well Tester SGH2000-L

Date: 18 Aug 2009
I.Application Areas:
  SGH2000-L pumping well tester is designed mainly for examination of liquid level, dynamometer diagram of pumping well and leakage of valve, and recording current diagram and casing pressure. It can also be used for product calculation with the help of liquid level and dynamometer diagrams.

II. Features:
  1.With automatic timer and person-machine interaction interface;
  2.Wireless dynamometer test and infrared optical code displacement test;
  3.Test results are recorded by paper tapes, displayed on LCD and tracked by graphic curves at real time.
  4.Plays at real-time liquid level and dynamometer diagram on LCD screen, and saves the testing results;
  5.On-line data calibration , USB data communication ;
  6.Directly drive printer (Epson) to outprint tested data;
  7.Various load sensors (Shutdoun type,non-shutdown type) andwellhead connectors(gas sounoler,bulet sounder)for you to choos;
  8.ABS case and stainless steel keyboard;

III. Technical Specifications:
  1.Measurable liquid depth:
     Casing pressure≤0.5MPa,Deepest measurable level: 3000m
     Casing pressure>0.5MPa,Deepest measurable level: 3500m
  2.Load range:0~140kN  Accuracy: ±1%F.S(shutdown type)
     0~50kN      0~80kN      0~140kN
     Accuracy: ±3%F.S(non-shutdown type);
  3.Displacement:0~8m     Accuracy: ±1%F.S
  4.Distance limit of radio transmission of dynamometer diagrams: 30m;
  5.Curves storage capacity: 100 level curves; 120 dynamometer curves
  6.Working temperature: -30~55℃
  7.Dimensions and weights:
    Primary instrument(non-shutdown type)    200×85×65mm    2.5kg
    Secondary instrument    270×220×98mm    3.5kg
Contact information:
Hubei Jianghan Petroleum Instrument & Meter Co., Ltd
Nanhu Road, Donghu Hi-Tec Development Zone,[430205]
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